about daisy ray

Daisy Rays founder, Rachael Percival is a keen surfer and has, in the past, spent may weekends around the beaches of North Devon, living out of camper vans, so she understands the "one small bag for a whole weekend" syndrome.

Daisy Ray was born

The idea for Daisy Ray Ltd came to me while I was walking along the beach on an autumn day when I first moved to Devon in 2002. I had loved making my own clothes for years and had just created the 'long wrap'. I'd had loads of compliments about this particular skirt whether I was wearing it out with my surfing friends and at work. Then it occurred to me that this kind of versatile clothing is exactly what wave widows like me needed and the concept behind Daisy Ray was born.

"The novelty of wearing the same pair of tracksuit pants for three days running soon wore off"

Before we moved to Devon, my husband and I lived out of a camper EVERY weekend for two years to spend any spare time we had near the surf. The novelty of wearing the same pair of tracksuit pants for three days running soon wore off, but with only enough space for one small bag each, I always had a problem deciding what to bring. I had to make sure that whatever clothes I decided to pack could be hauled on quickly over a cold damp body. And after a couple of hours battling with the winter surf, there had to be no unnecessary tugging for my tired, limp arms. Oh, and I still quite fancied looking like a girl and not a bag of washing.

Wet Jeans

My 'long wrap' was perfect. I could be out of my wetsuit and into my cosy long skirt while all my friends were still hopping around freezing cold with their jeans stuck to their ankles. That meant I got the first cup of tea too. But I wasn't smug….. well maybe just a bit!

I started experimenting with fabrics. I made long wraps for work in smart linen and wool while the ones I wore to the beach were in cord or denim. I had other ideas for trousers and short skirts too all with the same versatility in mind. And aside from practicality, I could wear to work clothes that reminded me of the beautiful Devon beaches that I loved.

The Daisy Ray idea took another exciting direction when a couple of my friends were expecting babies. The adjustable design of the 'long wrap' waistband meant that the skirts could grow with the girls and then shrink back with them after the arrival of their babies.

"That day when I was walking along the beach, I decided that there was definitely a need for clothes that female surfers could wear that were neither jeans nor combats..."

...just don't expect the boys to understand...!